The church of the future -



The old times are passé. A very new constitution was introduced in the European Union in the year of 2007 prescribing a rigid separation from state and church.

But querolous atheists had to carry on lawsuits, till the new European Court of Constitution in Antwerpen enjoined the church taxes in the Federal Republic of Germany and in Austria.

An old dream came true on the Jan., 1th 2012:

But there were also excitements in the country of unlimited religions.

In the year of 2009 the highest court condemned a catholic parish to pay a smart money about 10 millions $ to a man who had been educated in the belief to the devil.

This affair became a precedent and caused a lot of following lawsuits...

In order to secure her solvence the evangelical church of Germany dropped the half of her employers.

Even bishop Lohmann got jobless. Be he could get a place as a conductor of the tram from Gelsenkirchen - Ueckendorf to Wattenscheid - Hoentrop because of his good contacts to the town - major.

There he worked three years and got later a little welfare pension.






The German Railroad joint - stock company bought numerous old Christian churches and rebuilt them into very magnific railroad - stations.

At this photo we can see the citozens of Drensteinfurt being fond of their new railroad - station.

Querolous Christians demonstrated in the streets for the preservation of their old churches.

But people didn´t like the churches any more.

At last an arrangement was made at the European Court of Constitution that the whole of the church proberty was to be distributed to the people who had demanded smart - money against the church in the year of 2020. Everyone of the 11.753.254 plaintiffs got in spite of everything 173.558 $.

Then the churches were finally cancelled of the official register of trading associations.

Cardinal Wasservogel was one of the fathers of the MOVEMENT REST - CHURCH.

In the first time the group met behind closed doors, but later the organziation could official be allowed by the Federal Department of Esoteric and Metaphysics.

In the year of 2016 Cardinal Wasservogel promised in public that his new movement was willing not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to respect the religious - freedom in future.





But terroristic enemies of Cardinal Wasservogel reproached himto be a traitor of the church, made a yellow attack and wrecked by bombs the modest vacation - house of the Cardinal in Spain.




...but the situation got from bad to worse:

Clergyman Becker from Hessen couldn´t pay any longer the rent for his one room social flat and therefore now he had to live in this trach - container.



...but people had no more pity on the churches, becauses the advantages of the new time were significant:

The state could save about 50 billons $ a year, because the state had no more pay for the churches.

A lot of state taxes were lowered, people had more money for their private consume. Soon normal workman were able to afford sailing boots, vacation - houses or luxury cars. The number of jobless persons sank under one million.

Many people founded new firms from the smart money they had got from the churches.

There was an agreement whole over the nation: Now we are happy and satisfied and said: We need the church as necessary as a fish an bicycle.

But now we want to finish our little trip to the past. Now we are return again in the year of 2050. People are happy whole over Europe today. Social welfare is guaranteted everywhere.

Now and then there are some religious clubs - but they do not identify themselves with the old state - churches, perhaps in fear of to have to pay smart money. But a liberal society can tolerate them.

But freedom made its way also in the former Islamic states of the Near East. It´s astonishing that the Islamic church could better stand the change in structure than Christianity.

There is still remaining a lonely Website to the old MOVEMENT REST - CHURCH of our Cardinal Wasservogel. If you like please visit the website, the webmaster will be happy. The best greetings from me.