Urgent notice! The story you will read is absolutely cooked up! RRRealy! Every similarities with real incidents or persons would be self evident only by chance and wouldn´t be intendet by me. I say the truth!
Joachim Kossmann
Sensation in the church district!

Evangelical clergyman didn´t evade taxes


The whole of Germany guesses:

What is the name of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes?

But this answer I have to owe you because the clergyman ordered an real injunction in order to forbid the publishing of his name, although I only wanted to report nice and lovely matters about him.

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Didn´t evade taxes: Clergyman ... from ...

I cannot absolutely understand why the publishing of the fact that he has not evaded taxes can damage his good repetition. But the church has not been paying taxes for 2000 years, and a clergyman can become to be disliked by such bad habits.

It was a misunderstanding at all. Somebody who has to be satisfied with a poor clergyman´s salery of 4.000 US § or € per month would become criminal. ...but not our honest clergyman! He didn´t joined the level to manage blackleg work to be able to buy a warm soup for his kids for the perquisites.

I cannot define it till today how I could get this awful suspect against the evangelical clergyman a few yeras ago. But I ´m surely not the pope and I can make mistakes.

But what has already been happenig terrific? The clergyman wanted me to pay a workman whom he had ordered to make up a grave in an absolutely unselfish way. It was really an imposition of me to demand a written receipt from the evangelical clergyman

You are an idiot! If you want a receipt, you can go to the churchyard - gardener!

With this mailing card written by hand the evangelical clergyman didn´t incriminated himself to evade taxes.

Perhaps he did not care for writing a receipt, or the receipt book was just out of order.
That has to be understand because of his strong working conditions.

But the thruth came to be clear. The clergyman had spent the 500,-- DM (= 250,-- $ or €) demanded from me in the year of 1993 only for the good buy of the plant for this grave.

In order to save money the clergyman used at all the cheap special offers of the garden center, other I would have to pay real more money.

I never got the bill of the garden center, but likely the bill has to be lost. That can be happen because of the great every days exertions.

...and who wants to distrust the words of a clergyman?

Now - I think I misunderstood everything and I denunciated the clergyman at the board of assessment. I do not know why I could do such worse things. If I was a Roman catholic, I must go on a pilgrimage on foot to Lourdes to be punished. Then the clergyman instituted legal proceedings against me and told really only the truth - nothing but the truth!



This is the wife of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes.

This picture was taken during her fourth pregnancy.

She is fighting like a hero for the preserve of the German people threatened being to die out.

Well done! Brave mama!


...is fighting tp preserve the German people: Clergyman´s wife ... from ...

The little brother of the evangelical clergyman, who did´nt evade taxes, was never sexual misused by that one during his childhood.

Later the little brother of the evangelical clergyman, who didn´t evade taxes, cared for the sick mother and the blind grandma.

The evangelical clergyman, who didn´t evade taxes, had no time to help them, because he had to care about the black sheeps of his parish.

After the death of their mother the evangelical clergyman, who didn´t evade taxes, told only the truth at the probate court - really nothing but the truth!

Who doesn´t want to believe this?

The mother - in - law of the evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes is helping poor people who are not able to make their own income - tax statements during her small spare time.
She does not accept money for her help, that´s self - evident! But she spents the short tips for hungry kids of the Third World.
She would never get the idea to force her husband to work blackleg to pay the debts of her modest littke house.


Mrs. ... from ... helps in a absolutely unselfish way!

The daughter of the clergyman cares devotionally about sick animals


Daughter ... from ... is helping poor animals

But there are still other malicious fellow - creatures opposing against the poor evangelical clergyman. Somebody faked his stationery and wrote with malice prepense very awful letters to editors of well known newspapers. Our honest evangelical clergyman would have never done this - and so the prosecuting attorney didn´t investigate him. Why shall one spend foolishly taxe money?

Who knows how the rascal have been? The technical expert of the criminal investigation fepartment of Northrhine - Westphalia proved very soon my innocence. But the judge condemned me in spite of the fact only caused by his "personal impression". But who wants to mistrust the magnific wisdom and honesty of the judge?

At the court of appeal the female judge didn´t blackmailed me to put me into the psychiatry in order to force me to renounce my appeal. A judge of a German court would surely never do such awful and illegal things, because of the Federal Republic of German requires to be a democartical constitutional state.

The country court of ... represents a highlite of the West German justice.

Blackmailing and miscarriage of jusitice by judges, and preventig of punishment by prosecuting attorneys cannot be possible!

In reality feeling of equity, human feeling and performance of duty are modifying the situation.

We Germans can be proud of our justice and we must have absoltely stock in our justice!

But I had to look for proves of my innocence and so I orinted flyers and informed the public. I cannot explain myself how the poor evangelical clergyman got to be suspect to evade taxes. Therefore I want to apologize myself fpr this misunderstanding in a very politeful way.

I would hab been burnt on the stake in the middle age - and that seemed to be a fair punishment.

The prosecuting attornes was so friendly and brought an accusation against me. Now the poor clergyman is really rehabilitated of the totally poppy - cockish reproof to evade taxes. I must ask a bible - expert what for a punishment the bible will dictate, if one opposes an evangelical clerman to evade taxes.

Perhaps I will be stoned? ...or be killed? No! It´s my good luck that Christianity is a religion of love - a religion which can forgive.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, this story is really absolutely free invented. But let´s ask ourselves what the situation would be, if this story was happened in reality:

It would mean that the evangelical clergyman, who didn´t evade taxes, told lies at the court, and the court and the prosecuting attorney would ignorance his lies in order to gloss over their own mistakes.

But this story isn´t happened in reality - really!
Why? The Federal Republic of Germany is an exemplary democratic constitutional state - and such worse things cannot happen here!
...or do you disagree this fact?