Clergyman X. on his way to delirium
real existiing
(portrait after the nature)
not really existing little brother of clergyman X.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

in this chapter we don´t want to speak about the really totally free invented evangelical clergyman who didn´t evade taxes.

You allready know that there lives a real existing evangelical clergyman in the near of Herne (West Germany, Ruhr - district) - we shall call him "clergyman X" - who is the false opinion that he supposed to be the clergyman of my publications in

He had never dread to make himself ridiculous by trying to stop my publications from the beginning. But since I ´m making public relation with a real injunction of him, your interest to my sites rose. Also the try of clergyman X. to stop my publications by making false guestbooks entries should let us doubt in his state of mind.

And now his real existing clergyman X. is
possessed by a fixed idea I should be his little brother. That can be true because all of my realtives have already died years ago. Besides them - do you know a clergyman named "Kossmann" in the Ruhr - district?

Hypochondriac people believe to have gotten some illnesses. Women may think to get a baby. Christs fanncy that there is a god. Somebody believes to be Napoleon or Julius Caesar...

Why not? We are living in a free land at all. Everybody has the right of his own spleen! That is guarantated by law. Why shouldn´t somebody think to have got a not really existing little brother?

That´s something new!
Your Joachim Kossmann

in former days
and today

Since them our evangelical clergyman is possessed by a true persecution mania. And so his very nice clergyman - home (picture at the left) made a friendly impression two years ago. He should have only thrown away the rubbish away from his housedoor. But he has reconstructed his home in the meantime to a real palatine (picture at the right). Some people said that our clergman even tried to buy old contact mine from old reserves of the National People´s Army of the old GDR.

Why does clergyman X. think to be threatened, and from whom????




Does our clergyman fear the spirit of his old dead mother whose grave will not be care by him , although he hast gotten about 6.000 US $ to do this? Clergyman X. does not believe in such a nonsense!



...or does clergyman X. fear that I could kill him, what a femal judge of the Country Court of Bochum had imputed me years ago?

What´s about my advantage of his dead? Nothing!

Does clergyman X. fear his superintendent?

Really not. The church has always been protecting all his evil acts.

...our evangelical clergyman could life in harm and peace.
There are no rational reasons for his fears.