The youth of our evangelical clergyman -
or: how to get on well in the world





The time our clergyman was born was very hard in Germany. But his mother brought up by hand him wit spinach made of dead nettles.

The clergyman found his love to religious themes already in the churchly kindergarten during his childhood . Here we can see him at his work for the telephone - ministry.






Later he attended with poor success the junior high school of Bottrop.



But than he found his love to soccer. He intended to become the booking clerk of Schalke 03.

But he distanced himself from this job as he saw that a booking clerk can´t keep the money for his own.




Later the clergyman decided to become a famous rock - star.

But he had got an electric shock after he repared his electric guitar.


... and so he gave up the music business. .





But now the German fatherland wanted him defended Germany heroicly.

He became an under leading seaman at the mine - sweeper Langerdreer.

...but he couldn´t stand the waves shaking the boat all the time because of his ill stomach...



Therefore he joined the taxis - business after the end of his time at the German marine and after he had got his driver´s license after the third attempt.

But a lot of accidents ruined the car and his nervs...




Later on the clergyman spent his time to work unpaid by idealistic causes at the painting business in order not to get money for living.

But this couldn´t be the final solution...




Then he left his parents and went to the home for fallen young men in Gladbeck and made a study of evangelical theology at the distant university of Bebra.




During his studies he engaged himself for the very new founded commitée for socialistic international peace and interconfessional agriculture.

At this picture we can see him at this work a volunteer harvester in the near of Rheda - Wiedenbrück.




..and now he became the clergyman of the parish of ... yes, you want to know the city... and founded a family.





But nobody knows how long the evangelical church will exist...

...because there are a lot of querulous persons who want to abolish the German church taxes.

... and so the clergyman strived an additional occupation for a carreer as a famous singer.


Besides them the clergyman was occupied at the beautiful arts.

For his work of arts he got the stamocup at the exhibition in the barometer of Oberhausen.

Great! Our evangelical clergyman is a real superman. We can be wonder what will be happen in future!